• Carmen Fourie

10 Tips to Help You Look After Your Mental Health while in Self-isolation or Quarantine

1. Remind yourself that the period of #isolation is only temporary and you are not alone.

2. Remember that your efforts are helping others in the #community avoid contracting the virus.

3. Stay connected with family and #friends via email, social media and/or telephone.

4. Avoid news and social #media if it is causing you distress.

5. Adopt good hygiene habits.

6. Engage in activities that you enjoy and find #relaxing.

7. Establish good self-care such as eating #healthy foods and keeping regular #sleep routines.

8. Maintain physical activity.

9. Create a healthy #balance between allocating specific work hours and dedicate a specific work space when you are working from home.

10. Access information from #credible sources such as:





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