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Fees & Rebates

How it all works

Our fees.

Standard consultations are 50 minutes with the cost depending on whether you are seeing a clinical or general psychologist, an accredited mental health social worker, a clinical hypnotherapist, or a mental health counsellor (see session rates below).


Our fees are set in accordance with Australian Psychology Society guidelines and reflective of the high level of qualification and experience of our Clinicians.

​Clinical Psychologist - $220.00

General Psychologist - $180.00

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker - $170.00

Clinical Hypnotherapist - $130.00

Mental Health Counsellor - $110

Cancellation Policy

To ensure all clients, and our community have maximum opportunities for treatment, our Cancellation Policy applies. We greatly appreciate your support in providing adequate notice for cancellations in order for us to offer timely treatment to those awaiting care. We require you to contact us a minimum of 3 business days prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees apply when an appointment is cancelled with less than 2 full business days’ notice.




Cancellation Fees:


Unfortunately, late cancellations impact 3 parties. You, since your therapy progress is delayed. Another person on our waitlist needing to access treatment, & your psychologist who has set that time aside for you and prepared for your session. These time periods exclude weekends and public holidays. Patients must provide the appropriate number of business days’ notice. We settle cancellation fees prior to any future appointments.


Emergency or Illness

We understand there may be a time you are unable to make an appointment due to an emergency or illness and need to cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice. If this is the case, please provide appropriate documentation within 2 days of your appointment in order for your situation to be assessed.


The current APS recommended cancellation fees for psychologists are:

  • 0-24 hours’ notice: Full fee

  • 24-48 hours’ notice: 50% of fee

  • 48 hours - 7 days’ notice: 25% of fee




Rebates available.


Medicare rebates through a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP).


If you are experiencing mental health concerns and are in need of support, it is important to seek assistance from your doctor so they can assess you and refer you to appropriate support services. If your GP has assessed you and believes you would benefit from psychological support, they will typically provide you with something called a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). This plan means you may be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate for up to 10 individual psychology sessions per calendar year.

Your doctor will either send us your referral and care plan directly or they may provide you with the plan to bring along to your first session. It is important that this plan is in place for you to receive a Medicare rebate for those eligible sessions. Please bring your Medicare card along so we can provide your rebate on the spot.


Please note there is no Medicare rebate available for clinical hypnotherapy or mental health counsellor sessions.


Private health insurance.


If you have private health insurance you may be eligible to claim a rebate with your private health insurer. This will depend on your level of cover. Please discuss this directly with your private health insurance.


Our clinicians are also able to provide psychology services to clients under referrals or services for -

WorkCover QLD.



Cancellation fees
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