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Counseling or therapy session with psychologist or doctor and client in office or practice

Psychology Service and Counselling in Maroochydore

About us

Welcome to Integrative Clinical Psychology, a Mental health clinic on the Sunshine Coast. Our compassionate and professional team offers comprehensive mental health support, including individual, couple, family, and group therapy. Specialising in evidence-based modalities, our highly trained psychologists ensure a caring and personalised approach to your well-being. Experience the highest quality psychological care in our warm and friendly Maroochydore practise. Discover a holistic and integrative path to a better mental state.


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Discover comprehensive psychological services at our clinic. With evidence-based tools and a compassionate approach, we prioritise your well-being.

We provide psychology support and counselling for people of all ages including children aged five and above, teenagers and adults

ICP assists individuals with:​

  • Impacts of trauma

  • Impacts of grief or loss

  • Interpersonal conflict / conflict management

  • Stress management

  • Behavioural change

  • Anger management

  • Building healthy habits

  • Organisational skills and prioritisation

  • Positive psychology and mental health maintenance

  • Emotional awareness

  • De-escalation skills

  • Exercise planning and habit forming

  • Establishing values-driven behaviour

  • Identifying health referral pathways

  • Overcoming difficult emotions

  • Building communication skills

  • Navigating healthcare needs

  • Goal setting

  • Phobias and fears
    Reframing negative / self-defeating thoughts

  • Overcoming mental obstacles and barriers

  • Increasing personal agency and self-efficacy


Mental Health Care Plan


Are you going through mental health issues?

When referred by GP under Medicare, up to 10 sessions are funded annually. ICP can connect you with a mental health expert to get you back on track.


Do you have an NDIS Plan?

Are you Self funded or Plan managed?


We can support you with counselling or psychology assessments and support through your NDIS plan.




Need help with a work-related injury or illness, to assist your to return to work?

When referred by your GP, ICP can provide psychological assessment and counselling to assist you in your recovery of your work-related injury or illness.

Discover relief and support through our Psychological Services. Book an appointment with our experienced team of caring professionals today.

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